Paper-Thin V3: Remote Reality Residency

We were invited to install our residency at Hubweek, a multi-week art and technology festival in Boston. We were funded by MIT for this iteration of Paper-Thin.

Paper-Thin, the virtual platform you can read more about here, had its 3rd iteration both online and in the physical world.

For V3, we invited 14 artists from around the world to remotely control a mechanical drawing machine. These “remote residencies” were collaborative, pairing two artists who had never worked together to simultaneously occupy this machine.

When one artist would “draw” on their computer, the drawing machine would replicate their movements precisely. But, when both artists drew on their computers at the same exact time, the machine would draw the space between their brush strokes, creating a sort of “web” connecting the movements together.

The project was installed in a shipping container in front of Boston’s City Hall.