Paper-Thin V1 + V2

Paper-Thin is a virtual platform and archive I created with Daniel Alexander Smith back in 2015. It has had 3 iterations over the years, and continues to grow today.

V1 and V2, the first two iterations, are virtual exhibition spaces/museums designed in the Unity game engine and hosted online, either as an in-browser experience or a download.

For each version, we invited artists to create new work only existing on this virtual interactive platform, and sent “rooms” of the space to them for modification/installation.

Here are the artists in V1:

  • Alan Resnick
  • Hunter Jonakin
  • Daniel Baird and Haseeb Ahmed
  • Rachael Archibald
  • Hugo Arcier
  • Andy Lomas

We interviewed each artist extensively, and you can find those here.

Here are a few of the interviews, releases, and reviews of V1 and V2:

flythrough of v1 and v2

For V2, we created an entirely new, unfixed architecture that was designed in opposition to V1’s traditional white-cube style.

Here are the artists we had in V2:

  • Zachary Norman
  • Mark Dorf
  • Brenna Murphy
  • Martina Menegon
  • Adam Ferriss
  • Shane Mecklenburger

Paper-Thin V3 existed in a dramatically different fashion, and you can read more about that here.

Paper-Thin as a whole has been written about extensively, including a PhD dissertation on the subject from UNC Chapel Hill’s Colin Post and an MA dissertation from University of Sussex’s Ruby Rees-Sheridan.