Game Jams

Spring Game Jam ’21

The Game Jam is OVER, but you can play the games below!

Visit to join the JAM!

The jam runs from April 9th, 5pm – April 11, 5pm, and is all virtual.

What is a game jam?

Have you ever wanted to create a game, but just feel bogged down by the commitment of time and resources? In a game jam, participants create games in short periods of time, such as a weekend or a few hours. The commitment is low, the idea is rushed, and the content is always a bit unpolished, but the end result is a fun way to explore game design.

Who can join this game jam?

Anyone! There are no age requirements or restrictions. Even if you have never made a game before, join this jam! Team up with creators, or go it alone, and try to build something amazing.

Is it competitive?

Kind of, but not really. We have some judges lined up to check out and play the games after the jam concludes, and we will award some prizes (gift cards and cool stuff) at random!

What do I need to do to join?

First, click that link at the top of the page and join the page. That has all the info you need on it.